Monday, July 29, 2013

Beauty Tip of the Week-Fixing Those Broken Eyeshadow

How many times have you tried to depot your eye shadows and blush only to have them crumble into pieces? Have you ever traveled only to unpack your makeup and that color you been thinking about the entire trip crack? DON'T throw it out or replace it. I have a couple of easy steps to help save your fav color or palettes.

This happened to me while depotting all of my Wet n Wild and 2 crazy kids running around the house. I was devastated because I didn't want to buy an entire palette for one broken color. So I run to YouTube to see if there are any ways to fix my eye shadow and hopefully with some things I have laying around the house. To my surprise there it was!!! I wanted to share with you guys so that if your eye shadow or blush cracks or crumble, you don't have to throw it away, esp those limited edition items.

Here's is your list of supplies

  • shattered eye shadow....(duh)
  • coin
  • rubbing alcohol
  • tissue, paper towel or napkin
  • butter knife
  • medicine dropper (the ones for kids)
  • plastic bag or plastic wrap
If you have these items around the house then grab them if not improvised, no need to spend money if you don't have to.

You want to place the eye shadow in the plastic bag or lay the plastic wrap over the eye shadow and hold the plastic tightly across the eye shadow.

Step 2
Take the end of the butter knife and smash the eye shadow into a fine powder

Step 3
Pull the eye shadow out of the bag or remove the plastic wrap from top of the eye shadow.

Step 4
Now take a bit of alcohol in the medicine dropper and place a few drops of alcohol on the eye shadow. You want to moisten the eye shadow so you don't want to put to much as where the alcohol drowns the eye shadow

Step 5
Take a tissue, napkin, or paper towel and place it over the shadow. Place the coin on top of the tissue and PRESS as hard as you can. You are re-compacting the shadow, so you need to apply as much pressure as possible.

For the Wet n Wild, I just pressed down the pan entire pan.

Step 6
Let dry!!!!!
So here is a piece of my depotting gone wrong. I had quite a few to repair including blushes. As you can see the color is still vibrant and it's not dried out!!!

That's all you have to do guys!!! I know shocker!!!! I don't get upset any more when that eye shadow or blush breaks. I just go get the supplies and it's as good as new!!!!

Til next time..............have a BEAT FACE kinda day!!!!!
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