Monday, July 8, 2013

Beauty Tip of the Week-Matte the Shine

Sometimes you don't want the fresh and dewey look. You want that Kim K, Beyonce..BEAT BY THE GODS look!!!! We want that fresh out the chair onto the red carpet look!!!!! For some reason you can't achieve that look. You think only professional MUAs can give you this look. That's where you are wrong.
Just about every brand of cosmetics sells some type of facial primer. These primers are designed to help your foundation stay in place for a longer period of time.
Now if your from the south, like I am, you know the summers can be brutal. Soon as you walk from the door to your car, your perfect makeup is gone. Here are a few things around the house, in case you realize you are out of happens, you can use to help your makeup stay put and keep your face BEAT during this summer season.

Milk of Magnesia
Yes, this is an old faith to some MUAs. Its a lot for a low cost. A little product goes a long way. Just apply the MoM as soon as your daily moisturizer has fully absorbed. Shake the bottle well and pore a small amount into the plastice cup that comes with the Mom or you can use whats in the cap and apply with a brush or a finger.  Apply a small amount across nose, onto the center of cheeks and up onto the center of forehead. Only apply to the areas to the areas taht you get oily.  Rub in until I can't see it, and then give the MoM a minute or two to dry.  Areas tht have too much mom can get a white chalky residue, just rub this off.

Unscented Deodorant
I see your facial expression. Your eyebrow is raised. It is true!!!! Some of those fab celebs are wear deodorant on their face. I mean just think about it...its designed to keep your under arms from getting all hot and sweaty. Professional MUAs are using clear unscented deodorant on their clients face to help keep the hot spot light from melting the makeup off of their faces. All you need is a foundation brush and apply in layers.

Always try a bit of product on your skin before hand to test for allergic reactions. Now go have a BEATFACE kinda Day!!!!!1

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