Monday, July 8, 2013

High End to Drugstore Foundation Match

Yes those 2 weeks of vacation has given me something wonderful to share.You love that MAC foundation you own but can't afford it at the moment. Don't you hate when you go to the drugstore to by a substitute, you always get the wrong color. You get so disgusted that you just wasted your money.
Well I was doing some research and discovered this hidden jewel. I personally had never heard of it so its new to me. Its a lovely website called Findation. All you do is plug in what type of foundation you already own....that's a match....and WALLA!!!!! It shows you all the foundation in high end and drugstore brand that match your color. So if you wanted to try a different brand but didn't know which color to choose, well here you go! 

Find My Foundation

As always have a Budget BEAT FACE kinda day!!!!!
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