Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Deals and Steals

The Labor Day Weekend Deals and Steals are underway. Take some time to step from the grill and pull out your buying devices and pull up your PayPal account to take advantage of these once in a lifetime bargains.

We begin with +Coastal Scents Makeup+Coastal Scents Makeup  Labor Day Sale is the Elite 24 pc brush set for only $34.98 (reg price $69.95). What a DEAL!!!!!

This brush set is consider to be a professional brush set made with bamboo handles and synthetic bristles which are good for both dry and liquid makeup. The brush comes in a black leathering case that folds and has a magnetic closure for storage and easy travels.

Here's a closer look of each brushes, along with the names that comes in the Elite Set.

Next up is +BH Cosmetics+BH Cosmetics is having a 9 item for $9 each sale. Wait til you see what items are only 9 bucks!!!

Are you guys seeing this?!!!! To show you what kind of Steal this is, you can get the Day & Night, Party Girl and the new Take Me to Brazil Palettes along with the 12 pc pink brush set for $36!!! Is any one feeling faintish besides me?!!! This is CRAZY!!! For my MUA (Pros and those starting) check out the Pro Brush Belt…..yep $9 also. This would be a great gift for someone who is looking to become a MUA and are just building their kit. This would truly help them out!!!

OK Beauties and Gents, I'm off to do some cleaning before the holidays. You never know who will come by, have to always be prepared. Everyone, please be safe and enjoy your friends and family and stay in tune with blog to be updated on these OUTRAGEOUS LABOR DAY SALES!!!!

As always, till the next time, have a BEAT FACE type of HOLIDAY!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

WET n WILD Tough Girl Collection

I went out today searching for the new WnW Fergie Collection…..hasn't hit my area yet….came home with the new WnW Tough Girl Collection. I found these at +Walgreens  for $2.99 each.
From Left to Right: Enlisting For Beauty, Zero Dark Flirty, I Don't Do Camouflage, Soldiers in Charms, Support Our Troops and Spoiled Army Brats
This swatch is starting from the eyelid going left to right.

Swatches are now in order from brow bone to eyelid

Not really sure why this will not rotate correctly on here but I will try and get that corrected. If you have ever bought Wet n Wild before than you already know about how great of a product it is. The texture is the same as all the other eye shadows. Although it's a powder, its creamy to touch and glides on real smooth. For me I think the Spoiled Army Brat was the only one that didn't have a good color payoff but that may just be due to my skin color (it happens). The Support Our Troops resembles the Don't Steal My Thunder trio palette. The only difference is the eyelid color in the Don't Steal My Thunder palette is the silver color and its a lighter shade than whats in the Support Our Troops palette. They basically switched the order and gave you a darker silver.
I'm in love with the Zero Dark Flirty, I Don't Do Camouflage, and Soldiers in Charms. I think the jewel colors will be a BIG hit this Fall season!!!! 

I would definitely purchase these palettes. They are only $2.99, so for $20 you are getting 18 colors in a wide array of shades.

Let me know what you would like out of a review and a haul. I'm planning a MASSIVE ELF HAUL!!!!

Well Beauties and Gents, while your celebrating the holidays, don't forget to stop by and check for the latest steals n deals. As always, to next time…have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Steal of the Day!!!!!

There is no way that the special makeup lover in your life is not stocked with all the must have palettes!!!!! The Steals and Deals of the Days along with the Weekly sales have been out of this world. I hope to see and hear about how that special BEAUTY QUEEN is enjoying all the makeup that was gifted.

Today's Steal of the Day goes to +BH Cosmetics
This sale is only 72 hrs sale and at the time of the post, it was 31 hrs left.
The first sale is the Shimmer Color Rush. In this steal you get the 88 Shimmer, 88 Cool and 88 Tropical Palettes. All for $25!!!!!

The next sale is the Party Steal. The Party Steal is of course the Party Girl Palette and the 12pc Pink Brush Set.

These are great gift!!!! Til the next sale.............have a BEAT FACE type of Day!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deals of the Day

We have Pre-Labor Day sales starting to peek their heads. I'm giving you the Deals of the Day!!!!!

+e.l.f. Cosmetics is offering 50% off the Studio line on orders of $25 or more. Sale ends 9/1

+Coastal Scents Makeup are having a 48 hour sale on the 252 Palette. Do you see the price? This would be a great gift for that makeup obsess teenager or college student. 

Lastly, on +HauteLook, a sale on some Stila products. There is something for the entire face on sale.

Alright Beauties and Gents, these are the Deals of the Day and I hope you find something useful and that you've been looking for. As always have a BEAT FACE type of day. Til next time!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Steal of the Day

The Steal of the Day goes to +BH Cosmetics  for having a $15 Steal!!!!!

The first steal is the Day and Night Steal. This steal includes:
60 Day and Night  Palette
False Eyelashes
Double-ended Brush Set

The next steal is the Face Essentials Steal and includes"
Contour and Brush Palette
Camouflage and Concealer Palette
Makeup Remover

The 60% off selected items are still going on which includes the Take Me to Brazil Palette.

Check out these Steals and as always have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Deals and Steals 8/25-8/31

Hoping everyone had a great weekend and wonderful week last week. It was a rather slow week but Labor Day is right around the corner and you know what means............SALES...SALES..SALES!!!!!

Here are the weekly deals and steals for you:

BOGO 50% off Covergirl
40% off Wet n Wild Fergie Collection ($1 off coupon in the Sunday paper)
BOGO 50% off L'Oreal Cosmetics, Skin care and Sublime Bronze
BOGO 50% off  Neutrogena Cosmetics
BOGO 50% off Revlon Cosmetics

BOGO 50% off Revlon Cosmetics
BOGO 50% off Maybelline Cosmetics
BOGO 50% off Almay Cosmetics
BOGO 50% off NYC
BOGO 50% off Wet n Wild
BOGO 50% off CoverGirl Lip and Outlast Nail

+BH Cosmetics is having 60% off Back to School Sale on selected items

+elf Cosmetics is offer $1.98 for shipping on all orders of $15 and more.

Take some time and map out your shopping strategy for the week. If you didn't know, there are some new released Wet n Wild palettes and new Fergie items added to the collection. Have found them yet in my area but I will be looking for them since they are on sale. Praying everyone have a blessed week and always have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Release...............Who loves Flowers!!!!!!

BH Cosmetics has release a new line of blushes called Floral Blush Duos. Don't you just love the packing?
As you can see there are 5 all titled after flowers: Tulip, Lilac, Rose, Iris and Daisy.
You can mix and match the colors or use alone. These will be regular priced $9.95 but get all 5 for the low price of $4.95.

Next up is the Glamorous Blush Palette that contains 10 shades in nudes, pinks and berries in mattes and shimmers. This would be great for the upcoming fall season. Buy it now for $9.95.

Lastly is the new Duo Blush Palette that contains 3 duo blushes for every complexion for year round wear. This can be purchased for only $10.95

 Beauties and Gents, these palettes are to die for. Get them while they are on sale and add them to that growing collection. I mean after all, FALL is approaching, that means new makeup. Have a BEAT FACE type of night!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Steals of the Day!!!!! Bonus...NEW Release

Pull out those laptops and tablets and check out these Steal of the Day!!!
+BH Cosmetics first steal is the California Dream Steal.
It includes:
BH Malibu Palette
BH San Francisco Palette
BH Hollywood Palette
Purple Kabuki Brush

The second steal is the Brush Set Steal. You choose a 12 pc brush set from 3 colors: purple, berry and classic

+BH Cosmetics has also released a new palette.....Take Me To Brazil Palette. This palette contains 30 of shimmer, mattes and satin colors. The colors are derived from the infamous Carnival giving a rainbow of colors in reds, pinks, orange, yellows, green, blues and purples. You get 2 bonus over sized shadows in iridescent white and matte black. Check out the price....its going to be a must have for the collection.

+Coastal Scents Makeup is offering 20% OFF  on the Camouflage and Eclipse concealer palettes.

Go dig in the piggy bank and check out these steals!!! Have a BEAT FACE type of day Beauties and Gents!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Deals and Steals 8/18-8/24

Falls is right on our heels!!! That means new releases in awesome deep colors!!! Now is time to stock up on those spring and summer goodies for next season and pick up some newbies.

Here are the Weekly Deals and Steals:
BOGO 50% off Almay foundation, primers, concealers, blush, powder, eye and eye makeup remover
BOGO 50% off Maybelline Cosmetics
BOGO 50% off Revlon foundation, primer, concealer, blush, powder and lip

BOGO 50% off CoverGirl foundation, powder, blush, concealer and lip
BOGO 50% off L'Oreal Lip

To view the +Coastal Scents Makeup current sale click here.
To view +BH Cosmetics  current sale Click here

As we wait for the fall releases from our fav cosmetic lines, check out those clearance bins and find those hidden treasures that are buried there.

Enjoy your evening as you prepare for the work and school week. As always have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

NEW Release...City Color Cosmetics

+CityColor BP has been announcing new releases for the month of August and finally they are here. First up is a 36 color palette containing matte and shimmer colors.  The palette is entitled "Shades for Days." It appears to have colors for neutral everyday looks with pops of colors for your night wear. This palette is selling for $14.99
 Next up is the new face primer ($5.99). It is ideally made for ALL skin types to help control shine, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and extend the wear of foundation. It is also said to be "Paraben-free." Well what does that mean? According to the FDA, paraben are used in cosmetics and personal care products. So we are familiar with them...just didn't know it. Well companies uses paraben to extend the shelf life of the product. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. So there goes your science lesson for today!!!!!
 Here are the Lush Lip Jumbo Pencils that comes in 12 shades and are $1.99.

Colors from top L to R: Dark Pink, Coral, Hot Pink, Pink, Red, Terracotta, Charm, Chic, Mahogany, Malt, Plum and Wine

The colors look awesome and vibrant!!!!
Lastly are the Slim Lip Gloss (.10 fl oz) that are available in 6 shades and comes with a mirror on the side for a functional application.
 This is going for $2.99

From Top L to R: Fuchsia, Heat, Brick, Magenta, Spice, and 

Go check out City Color Beauty and view other products they have available. There are some vloggers on YouTube that have reviewed there products already. My personally fav is Queenii Rozenblad!!!!

Check the site out and pick up a few items. As you can see they are at an affordable price.

Steal of the Day!!!!!

The Steal of the Day goes to +Coastal Scents Makeup

That is correct people!!!! You are getting 7 palettes for $24.95. That's 84 colors !!!! There are a rainbow of colors in the palettes. These are great for packing while traveling

+BH Cosmetics are giving you Back to School Steals. The first steal is titled "Natural Glow Steal" and includes the 28 Neutral Palette, San Francisco Palette and the Jumbo Concealer Pencil for all of $15 bucks.

The next steal is the "Sparkle Steal". This steal is made of the 88 Cool Shimmer Palette, 88 Shimmer Palette and Glitter for $20.

The last steal is the "Lovely Lips Steal". You get the 66 lip palette, lip gloss and lip brush for $11.

Also stopped by +Urban Decay Cosmetics and check out their sale!!! The Stardust Eyeshadow is $5. 
The Vintage Glide-On Pencils are $6. The Deluxe Eyeshadow are $4. There are a some other things on there also that may be worth a look.
Check these STEALS out and see how they can benefit you. Are they a MUST HAVE or a PASS!!!
Like everyday, I will keep you up to date on the latest finds!!! It's FRIDAY and if you didn't BEAT your face for work, then BEAT it tonight just cause you can. As always, have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deal of the Day!!!!!!

The Deal of the Day is brought to you by +Coastal Scents Makeup.  While we were discussing palettes this week, they have released a NEW concealer pot. There are 10 colors to choose from so for my Pro MUAs you can make a professional palette and for the makeup lovers a personal palette that's focused on highlighting, contouring, under eye concealing and problem spots.  The choices of shades are great for all skin tones. The shades are not named but are numbered. My only problem with this I can see is, just how long would a pot of this size concealer last? Something to think about!!! Anywho, they are available for $1.95 or all 10 for $17.95.  Now this is for the POT ONLY!!!! The palette is sold separately.

Run over to +Coastal Scents Makeup and checkout this out!! Fall is nearing and I can't wait to see the deep colors!!! As always have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MAC Pro Palettes-Deal of a LIFETIME!!!!

Are you a DEPOTTING beauties that need to de-clutter the makeup to make room for your growing collection? An aspiring or professional Make-up Artist that need to get some organization going for easy travel? Have an abundant of MAC products and you need to downsize for storage reasons? Just a beauty diva that wants that Z-palette but doesn't want to pay the cost? Well I have deal of a LIFETIME waiting for you!!! MAC Cosmetics has their customizable palettes at affordable prices.

The comes empty, no shadow or inserts provided, except for the Palette X2 and X4. The inserts can be bought separate. When you see the prices..... don't pass out!!! These are sold at MAC Stores and online only. The MAC counters DO NOT sale them. Unfortunately, I don't live by a MAC store so I had to order online. Here is a look at the palettes and inserts:

The Large Duo Palette is out of stock and on back order. You can still purchase it but it may take 2 weeks before it is shipped. Take a look at these palettes and see if you can use them to help your growing business or get some organization in your collection.

Well I hope this help someone and puts a smile on your face. As always have a BEAT FACE type of DAY!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daily Deals and Steals

Lets jump right to it..... +BH Cosmetics are offer free shipping OR free party girl palette with orders of $25 or more. I'm sure your like....well that's a normal deal. Wellllllll my dear, they also have palettes for under $10 in the HOT SUMMER SALE!!!! You can basically shop 2 sales in one and come off on top!!!!! Sale ends August 16, 2013.

+BH Cosmetics has also released a Glitter Collection in 20 colors for only $4.50. The colors look amazing and if you are into glitter, it's worth adding to the collection...personal or professional!!!!+
+elf Cosmetics are giving you two deals to choose from. Sale ends on the August 19, 2013

If you're into mineralized cosmetics, +HauteLook has a mineral brand on sale called Blend Minerals.
They have eye shadow sets for sets originally priced $97.70 going for $15.50!!!! Yes, you do the math!!! In these sets are 5 shadows and a brush. From my research, this is a high quality brand formerly known as MicaBella Minerals. The eye shadows are pigments and since they are minerals, they can be used any where (not just only for eyes). They can be used as eyeliners, for the hair and for the lips. There is a wide range of products available to purchase, foundation, primers, mascara, skin care, blushes and more. If your into the mineral cosmetics, I suggest you take a look into this.

These are the Steals and Deals as they are happening right always have BEAT FACE type of day!!!!!