Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Clearance Find!!!!

I just wanted to share with everybody about what I mean when I say ALWAYS check the clearance section of whatever store you go in. My family is getting ready for back to school as I know some of you guys are but that doesn't stop me from checking the clearance section. I'm sure everyone is aware that Target has quite a few clearance section that are usually located on the end of the isle. Now I went to Target to find the last few items on my daughter's back to school list.  I had also decided to look for Milani's Lumisoso since the Target by my house was out of everything Milani. This particular Target is 30-45 mins away from my home but is close to my job. So to make a long story short as I was doing my waltz through the beauty section as always I stumbled a crossed these....
YES!!!!! You are seeing correctly....Maybelline Color Tattos for $2.97. This may have been a mistake by Target as these were the only 2 I seen marked for clearance. Their lost, my win!!! These are the HIDDEN TREASURES I speak about. I just wanted to let you all know that I too go on those treasure hunts!!!!

We made it to HUMP, let's have a BEAT FACE type rest of the week and go on those treasure hunts!
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