Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deal of the Day!!!!!!

The Deal of the Day is brought to you by +Coastal Scents Makeup.  While we were discussing palettes this week, they have released a NEW concealer pot. There are 10 colors to choose from so for my Pro MUAs you can make a professional palette and for the makeup lovers a personal palette that's focused on highlighting, contouring, under eye concealing and problem spots.  The choices of shades are great for all skin tones. The shades are not named but are numbered. My only problem with this I can see is, just how long would a pot of this size concealer last? Something to think about!!! Anywho, they are available for $1.95 or all 10 for $17.95.  Now this is for the POT ONLY!!!! The palette is sold separately.

Run over to +Coastal Scents Makeup and checkout this out!! Fall is nearing and I can't wait to see the deep colors!!! As always have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!
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