Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MAC Pro Palettes-Deal of a LIFETIME!!!!

Are you a DEPOTTING beauties that need to de-clutter the makeup to make room for your growing collection? An aspiring or professional Make-up Artist that need to get some organization going for easy travel? Have an abundant of MAC products and you need to downsize for storage reasons? Just a beauty diva that wants that Z-palette but doesn't want to pay the cost? Well I have deal of a LIFETIME waiting for you!!! MAC Cosmetics has their customizable palettes at affordable prices.

The comes empty, no shadow or inserts provided, except for the Palette X2 and X4. The inserts can be bought separate. When you see the prices..... don't pass out!!! These are sold at MAC Stores and online only. The MAC counters DO NOT sale them. Unfortunately, I don't live by a MAC store so I had to order online. Here is a look at the palettes and inserts:

The Large Duo Palette is out of stock and on back order. You can still purchase it but it may take 2 weeks before it is shipped. Take a look at these palettes and see if you can use them to help your growing business or get some organization in your collection.

Well I hope this help someone and puts a smile on your face. As always have a BEAT FACE type of DAY!!!!
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