Friday, August 16, 2013

Steal of the Day!!!!!

The Steal of the Day goes to +Coastal Scents Makeup

That is correct people!!!! You are getting 7 palettes for $24.95. That's 84 colors !!!! There are a rainbow of colors in the palettes. These are great for packing while traveling

+BH Cosmetics are giving you Back to School Steals. The first steal is titled "Natural Glow Steal" and includes the 28 Neutral Palette, San Francisco Palette and the Jumbo Concealer Pencil for all of $15 bucks.

The next steal is the "Sparkle Steal". This steal is made of the 88 Cool Shimmer Palette, 88 Shimmer Palette and Glitter for $20.

The last steal is the "Lovely Lips Steal". You get the 66 lip palette, lip gloss and lip brush for $11.

Also stopped by +Urban Decay Cosmetics and check out their sale!!! The Stardust Eyeshadow is $5. 
The Vintage Glide-On Pencils are $6. The Deluxe Eyeshadow are $4. There are a some other things on there also that may be worth a look.
Check these STEALS out and see how they can benefit you. Are they a MUST HAVE or a PASS!!!
Like everyday, I will keep you up to date on the latest finds!!! It's FRIDAY and if you didn't BEAT your face for work, then BEAT it tonight just cause you can. As always, have a BEAT FACE type of day!!!!
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