Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eyeshadow Dupes.....MAC VS NYX

Here's another dupe list. I didn't put Milani on here as they are hard to find but if you have Wet n Wild and NYX, you are bound to have a dupe for your fav MAC eye shadow. Let's check out our list and cross out what we have to see what we need to buy.

MAC All that Glitters-NYX Champange
MAC Amber Lights-NYX Golden
MAC Aquadisiac-NYX Jade
MAC Band on Blue-NYX Lanikai
MAC Beaded- NYX Sahara
MAC Beatiful Iris-NYX Frosted Lilac
MAC Beauty Marked- NYX Lake Moss Trio-Purple Shade
MAC Big T-NYX Wild Fire
MAC Bisque-NYX Nude
MAC Brulee-NYX Nude
MAC Carbon-NYX Black
MAC Carefree Pro-Long Wear-NYX Highlight
MAC Clear Blue Sky-NYX Azur
MAC Coco-NYX Beanie
MAC Contrast: NYX Lake Moss Trio-Blue Shade
MAC Coopering-NYX Cooper
MAC Cork-NYX Dark Brown
MAC Cranberry-NYX Rust
MAC Da Bling-NYX Princess Pink
MAC Dandizette- NYX Navy Blue
MAC Deep Truth-NYX Blue Marine
MAC Bronze-NYX Deep Bronze
MAC Down Brown-NYX Dark Brown
MAC Blue Storm: NYX Atlantic
MAC Deep Truth + Contrast-NYX Morocco
MAC Easter- NYX Yellow
MAC Electra-NYX Silver
MAC Electric Eel-NYX Iris
MAC Emote-NYX Taupe
MAC Expensive Pink-NYX Wildflower
MAC Eyepopping-NYX Lime Juice
MAC Fab and Flashy-NYX Africa and NYX Golden Orange
MAC Femme Fi-NYX Sahara
MAC French Gray-NYX Iced Mocha
MAC Freshwater-NYX Atlantic
MAC Gesso- NYX White
MAC Girl Meets Boy-NYX Antique Gold
MAC Going Bananas-NYX Yellow Pearl
MAC Goldmine-NYX Ray
MAC Handwritten-NYX Hawaiian Coffee
MAC Hepcat-NYX Violet
MAC Humid-NYX Mermaid Green
MAC Jest-NYX Cotton Candy
MAC Juxt-NYX SpringLeaf
MAC Knight Divine-NYX Charcoal
MAC Moodring (Heatherette Trio)-NYX Seafoam Green
MAC Mothbrown-NYX Root Beer
MAC Moon's Reflecgtion-NYX Pacific
MAC Mythology-NYX Jazzy Bronze
MAC Naked Lunch-NYX Sahara or NYX Aloha
MAC Nile-NYX Navy
MAC Nocturnell-NYX Beauty Queen
MAC Nylon- NYX Barely There
MAC Orange-NYX Golden Orange (shimmer)
MAC Parfait Amour-NYX Luxor
MAC Parrot-NYX Ocean
MAC Paradisco-NYX Tropical
MAC Passionate-NYX Cherry, NYX Redhead, or NYX Sunrise
MAC Phloof-NYX Aloha
MAC Ricepaper-NYX Frosted Flake
MAC Romping-NYX Hot Pink or NYX Burgundy Pearl
MAC Mystery- NYX Root Beer
MAC Rose-NYX Hot Pink
MAC Rose Blanc-NYX Highlight
MAC Satin Taupe-NYX Iced Mocha, NYX Root Beer, NYX Mink Brown
MAC Satelitte Dreams-NYX Deep Purple
MAC Sassy Green-NYX Lake Algee
MAC Scumptous Olive-NYX Herb
MAC Shimmermoss- NYX Jungle Fever
MAC Shroom-NYX Barely There
MAC Soba-NYX Brown
MAC Solar White-NYX Barely There
MAC Stars n Rocket- NYX Luxor
MAC Star Violet-NYX Burgandy Pearl
MAC Steamy- NYX Jungle Fever
MAC SunSet B-NYX Dolly Pink
MAC Soft Brown-NYX Suede
MAC Sushi Flower-NYX Cherry
MAC Swimming-NYX Kiwi
MAC Swish-NYX Spring Flower
MAC Omega-NYX Taupe
MAC Twinks-NYX Walnut Bronze or NYX Volcano
MAC Wondergrass-NYX Kiwi
MAC Woodwinked-NYX Deep Bronze or NYX Fantasy
MAC Mulch- NYX Volcano
MAC Vellum- NYX Opal
MAC Yogurt-NYX Dallas

I was already working on this and it couldn't have been great timing. Now some of these may not be exact dupes due to lightness or darkness of one shade and the shadow finishes. This info was gather from across different blogs including you tube. Take your time and prep your list...Happy Shopping!!

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